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Cheap Flights to France

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Cheap Flights from London-Heathrow
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Destination Overview – France

France is a country that needs no introduction. It mixes classy vibes, romantic feelings, and cultural richness. It's in the middle of Europe and has a bit of everything—diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and food that will make your taste buds happy. So, whether you're walking around the lively streets of Paris or exploring the vineyards in Bordeaux, every part has its own tale.

So, get ready to explore this fantastic country. A memorable experience awaits you. We've figured out how to plan an excellent holiday to France, and it begins with getting the best prices on plane tickets to the land of baguettes, romance, and timeless charm. So, join us on this exciting journey!

Cheap Flight Options for France

Are you excited to make your dream a reality without going over budget? Exclusive Flights is your ultimate ticket to making that happen. So, let's learn how to find cheap flights to France from UK so you can travel to the land of beautiful views without breaking the bank.

Our Budget-Friendly Options

Firstly, the key to saving money is to book with us. It doesn't matter if you're deciding to go on a last-minute adventure or planning in advance; our website is made to show you the best deals so you can quickly get those cheap tickets to France. We're experts at finding affordable choices so you can have a budget-friendly and remarkable experience.

Pick the Right Season

Choosing the right time to book your France plane tickets is very important. Find out when booking your ticket is right and how to deal with peak and off-peak seasons. The low season is from November to March. During this time, fewer people are travelling, so the prices of flights also tend to fall. So, book during the off-peak season to make the most of your money.

Consider Nearby Airports and Layovers

Another savvy trick to save money is to compare the prices for flights from different airports. This holds for the airports where you are arriving and departing. Sometimes, flying from a nearby airport results in being more affordable.

Lastly, a connecting flight is often more budget-friendly than a direct one. So, if you find yourself with some spare time on your hands, book a connecting flight. This way, you can also explore an additional destination on your way!

How to Book Flights to France With Exclusive Flights

Start your French adventure with just one click! Visit the Exclusive Flights website and step into a world of travel options. Our easy-to-use website makes booking stress-free, giving you the power to plan your journey right from the beginning.

It doesn't matter if you're leaving from London, Manchester, or any other city in the UK; we are here to fulfil your needs. Pick the departure and arrival airport you like and select from various options. Whether you want to land in the famous streets of Paris or the sunny beaches of Nice, there are many options! Also, pick whether you want a one-way, return or multiple-city flight.

Next, you need to choose your travel dates. It is straightforward to do with our easy-to-use calendar display. So, whether you want a sudden weekend getaway or a carefully planned holiday, we ensure you can be flexible and choose what works best for you.

Moreover, you can also select your travel class. Whether you want something budget-friendly or want to go all out, we offer a variety of seat classes. So, choose whatever suits your budget, from Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class. Also, don't forget to mention the number of travellers so we can display the best deals accordingly.

Lastly, click on the "Direct Flight" option to limit your options to only direct flights. And that's all. You'll have a variety of flights available that are customised to your preferences. So, explore your options, compare prices, and discover the perfect flight for your French getaway.

Top Airlines for a Flight to France From UK

London to France Flights

Now that you have decided to fly to France let's talk about one of the most popular departure points. Flights to France from London are extremely popular, and for good reason. So, let's explore why departing from London is a good idea.

Multiple Airports

Firstly, London has three main airports to fly out of Heathrow, Gatwick, and London City Airport. This means you have various flight options and airlines to choose from. Moreover, it also opens up a world of flight schedules. So, finding a flight that matches your preferences is effortless.

Multiple Airlines

Flights from London to France are a very popular route. So, a plethora of airlines offer flights on this route. This means that the competition among these airlines is also very intense. And this competition is great news for you because it means you can get a more competitive price on a ticket to France from London. So, flying from London can help you make significant savings.


How long are the UK to France flights?

Flying direct takes one hour and twenty minutes.

Which forms of transportation are most popular in France?

People get around using trains, rental cars, buses, and subways in major cities. There are also places to ride bikes in many areas, making the transportation system diverse and exciting.

Do I need a visa to fly to France from UK?

British nationals do not need a visa to enter France for stays up to 90 days.

For how many days should I stay in France?

If you want to enjoy the romance of Paris, explore the countryside, or relax in the Mediterranean sun, planning for 7 to 10 days is a good idea. This way, you can enjoy all the different things this country offers.