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Cheap Flights to Tanzania

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Destination Overview - Tanzania

Wondering why Tanzania should be at the top of your travel list? We are here to tell you why! Tanzania is a country in East Africa with beautiful views and culture. Tanzania is a must-visit for all travellers because they can find national parks, exotic beaches and even calm cities here!

Top Seasons

Tanzania's weather is special for every traveller, and it is considered a year-round destination. The dry season transforms the landscapes into a golden paradise from June to October. It becomes the perfect time for exciting wildlife safaris. Now, if you're into vibrant green landscapes, then the wet season from November to April is your jam.

So, anytime you choose to swing by, each season brings its special vibe, ensuring your journey is one for the books.

Activities To Do In Tanzania

Tanzania offers a lot of activities to keep your inner explorer satisfied. Here are the best 6 activities to do:

  • Witness the Great Migration.
  • Go on a thrilling safari.
  • Take a break day by the beach.
  • Swim into the crystal-clear waters.
  • Connect with local communities.
  • Enjoy the exotic cuisines.

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Airlines Flying to Tanzania From UK

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Affordable Flight Options

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Price Match Guarantee

Found a deal somewhere else that seems too good to be true? If you spot a better deal, count on us to match it and even outdo it. Our Price Match Guarantee is like a superhero move to ensure you get the best value for money. Travelling to Tanzania shouldn't empty your wallet, and with us, you'll always score the best deal in town.

Low Deposit

Why put off your dream flight when you can make it happen now? With us, you can lock in your adventure with a low deposit. With this option, you can plan and budget smartly, making that dream flight to Tanzania a reality without the money worries. We're all about making travel easy and reachable, and a low deposit is basically us saying, "Let's make your travel dreams come true!"

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Finding your ideal flight shouldn't be a headache, right? Well, that's where Exclusive Flights steps in. Our booking system is easy to use, like having your virtual travel assistant. It takes just a few minutes to uncover the perfect flight to Tanzania. And guess what? We've teamed up with loads of airlines, making it a breeze for us to hook you up with the absolute best options! Let's make finding your dream flight as easy as pie!

Need To Contact Us? Here Is How You Can Do It

Need a hand or have some burning questions? Here's the lowdown on how to get in touch with us. We're all about making your experience easy-peasy, so whether you're a fan of chatting on the phone or dropping a message, we've got you covered.

Ring Ring Ring

If you prefer the warmth of a human voice, our dedicated support team is just a call away. Ring us at 0208-158-8333 to speak directly with our friendly staff. From flight inquiries to booking assistance or just some travel advice, we're here to help. So, give us a ring, and let's make your travel plans crystal clear.

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Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?

Tanzania is like a friendly neighbour and is generally safe for tourists. But stay tuned to travel advisories and follow those safety guidelines.

Can I trust Exclusive Flights for booking?

Absolutely! We're all about secure and reliable bookings. Book us now and see for yourself.

Who should I talk to if my flight is cancelled?

Reach out to our cool customer support team. They are your problem-solving superheroes.

Can I use my credit card in Tanzania?

Yes, however, carrying some cash for transactions in more remote locations is advisable.

Any sneaky fees with Exclusive Flights?

Nope, no sneaky business here! We keep it real and transparent. Check out the terms and conditions during booking so you're in the loop about any extra charges.