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Cheap Flights to South Africa

location Cape town
Cheap Flights from London-City
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Flights to South Africa

So, picture this: You, on a plane heading to South Africa. Exciting, right? We're all about making those travel aspirations of yours come true. Exclusive Flights is your ticket to experiencing the magic of the Rainbow Nation. We've got the best flights to South Africa and ensure your journey is unforgettable. So, let's turn your travel dreams into reality with us.

Why Choose Exclusive Flights for Your South Africa Getaway

Quality service is our middle name, ensuring your journey starts on the right note. Imagine stepping into a world of breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and memories that'll stick with you forever. That's what we promise when you book your flights with Exclusive Flights.

Flights to South Africa from the UK

You can easily book our flights from the UK to South Africa on our website or contact our customer support team to locate flights to South Africa. Whether you're taking off from London Heathrow's hustle and bustle or Manchester's cool vibes, we have all your desired and cheap flights to South Africa.

Our diverse flight options cater to your convenience and are always ready to make you happy.

Indirect Flights from the UK to South Africa

Check out our indirect flights from London to South Africa. Because who needs a straight flight when you can have adventure even while you are travelling? With us, your adventure starts as soon as you step on board.

Best Times to Visit South Africa

Let's figure out the best times to pack your bags for this fantastic getaway!

Spring (September - November)

When spring knocks on South Africa's door, it's like Mother Nature throwing a party! Spring in South Africa is a playground for wildlife wonders. Animals are out and about, putting on a show for everyone lucky to be there. It's like attending the most incredible concert in the animal kingdom! So, if you're a fan of flowers and furry friends, spring is your golden ticket to South Africa.

Autumn (March - May)

Now, let's talk about autumn: the season of change, cool breezes, and a colour palette that could rival any artist. It's the sweet spot for outdoor adventures. Autumn is your cue to explore the diverse regions of South Africa. The changing colours set the backdrop for unforgettable experiences. So, grab your camera, lace up those hiking boots, and prepare to spend your autumn in South Africa!

Airlines Taking You to South Africa

Now, the fun part. We will tell you about the airlines we have partnered with to send you to South Africa. Exclusive Flights is ATOL, IATA, and ABTA protected, so you have nothing to worry about.

British Airways

Picture this: you’re in the clouds in a plane that mixes old-school charm and futuristic vibes. Yep, that's the British Airways experience. They've been in the air game for ages, so you know you're in for a comfy and relaxed journey. It's like stepping onto a flight that blends tradition and the latest and greatest in travel tech. So, if you're dreaming of a journey with a touch of class, British Airways has got its wings!

Virgin Atlantic

These guys are all about service that's not just good but outstanding. Your South Africa adventure officially begins when you set foot on a Virgin Atlantic flight. It's like stepping into a flying realm of modern magic. Trust us; it's more than just a flight.


Think of Emirates as your golden ticket to South Africa, where comfort meets extravagance. These guys treat you like a VIP from takeoff to touchdown. It's like a flying five-star hotel, but better because you're soaring above the clouds!

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Let's unlock the secrets to snagging those wallet-friendly flights! Get ready for some pro tips.

Flexibility is Key

Keep your travel dates in a flexible mood. Sometimes, the best deals pop up on unexpected days. Stay open to the travel rhythm, and you might score a flight that's awesome and easy on the pocket.

Set Price Alerts

Set those price alerts. It's like having a personal spy watch the best deals for you. Imagine your phone buzzing excitedly, saying, "Hey, there's a super cool flight deal happening right now!" So, be the price alert champion and make sure you're first in line for the flight fiesta!

Book in Advance

Booking in advance is your ticket to securing seats at lower prices. It's like being the early bird that catches not just the worm but a whole bucket of travel savings. So, be the smart traveller who knows how to make the most of planning.

Consider Midweek Flights

Flying on days right in the middle of the week often comes with cost-saving perks. So, consider adjusting your travel schedule and watch those flight prices do a happy dance in your favour.

Do You Need a Transit Visa During Layovers?

So, here's the deal: when planning, figuring out if you need a transit visa during layovers is essential.

Imagine this scenario: you're going to the ultimate destination, doing the layover in another country. Some countries might ask for a transit visa before you waltz through their airport. So, to dodge any unexpected plot twists, you should check the visa requirements of your layover spot. This way, you're not caught off guard, and your journey stays smooth.

How to Book On Our Website

The first stop is our user-friendly website. Once you are there, punch in your travel details. Add where and when you want to go. Then comes the fun part: choosing your preferred flight. Once you've nailed down the perfect flight, hit that confirm button. Don’t forget to add how many people you are travelling with and how many of them are infants, children or adults.

So, confirm your booking, and get ready for an adventure that's exclusively yours!

Long Story Short

So, when you hit that "book" button, we've got your back.

Exclusive Flights is here to be the pen that turns each page into a tale of seamless travel, joy, and unforgettable moments. So, off you go and may your flights be epic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best times to visit South Africa?

Now, let's talk timing! Set your sights on spring and autumn for the ultimate South African adventure. It's like hitting the sweet spot on the South African weather dial.

Can I bring extra luggage on Exclusive Flights?

Pack your bags because, yes, you can! Exclusive Flights has got your back with options for extra luggage. Check out our luggage policies, and bring all the essentials.

What if I need assistance during my journey with Exclusive Flights?

Our support is just a call away if you need assistance during your journey.